Open Source CRM/ERP - EPESI

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How to Install


Server with Linux, Windows or any other operating system configured already to serve web pages (HTTP). We develop and test epesi on Windows, Linux and OS X with IIS and Apache or other http server configured with PHP support.

PHP 5.1.3 (recommended 5.2.2 or newer, because of memory leak in OB functions set in previous PHP versions)

PEAR installed with valid include_path in PHP config.ini

MySQL 4 or newer or PostgreSQL 7 or newer database

* See more information

1. Downlaod

2. Install

  - Copy downloaded file to directory 'www' [ or apache directory] & unzip

$ sudo unzip

$ sudo ln -sf /var/www/epesi-1.4.2-rev10136 /var/www/epesi

  - Change 'data' dir in epesi permission.

$ sudo chmod a+w data/

3. Download setup.php follow link


4. Replace setup.php file to newly.

5. Setup Process

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