[Ubuntu] How to Sync iphone with gtkpod

TechNote/Linux 2010. 9. 12. 09:18 Posted by harim~♥
[Ubuntu] How to Sync iphone with gtkpod

System : Ubuntu 10.04LTS
Mobile : iPhone 3GS iOS 4.0.1

1. Installing gtkpod package
sudo apt-get install gtkpod

2. Installing gtkpod-aac (for videos)
sudo apt-get install gtkpod-aac

3. Prepare for mount
 3-1 install ifuse package
sudo apt-get install ifuse

 3-2. Create mount point
sudo mkdir /mnt/iphone
chown yourid:yourgrp /mnt/iphone

 3-3 mount iphone
mount ifuse /mnt/iphone

4. Run gtkpod (Programs -> Music and Videos -> gtkpod iPod Manager)
4-1. Edit -> Repository iPod/iPod options
4-2. Click [Add new repository/iPod..] to add your iphone/ipod

*Repository name : Name of your iphone
*iPod mountpoint : mountpoint your iphone (see 3-3)
*Model : Select your iphone model (Using pulldown menus)
I was changed model name manually, because iphone's model number does not support on list.
(I use iphone 3gs/16G, It has a specific model no. (for only korea))

then, click Add.

4-4. Check General Fileds

Then, Click 'Ok'

4-5.  'Load iPod(s)'

I can show pop-up(like pic), but it has not any problems.(maybe)
(I don't know why about popup)


Now you see file lists(music) in your iphone. And you can add another medias(music, video and photos). Just Click 'Add files'  select media files you want and after select, click 'Save changes' to Sync.

(I recommand Rythmbox for music management. It's better easy =D )

have fun.

여기까지가 나의 영어의 한계임.

- 생성된 Iphone 아이콘 옆 플러그 모양을 클릭하면, 플러그가 뽑힌다 (연결이 해제된다). 첨엔 버그인줄 알았음 -_-..
- 위의 Warning 팝업은 대체 왜나오는지 알길이 없음
- 동영상 추가는 테스트완료. 

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